I have been so excited for this post ever since I heard about the idea for the theme of this years Crochetville blog  post! Give it up for Amy and Donna and another successful year. Without them crochet wouldn’t be the community it is today. I love camping and it was a very big part of my childhood growing up. I went camping on the Connecticut shore with my cousin Heidi and her family which were like a second set of parents and her siblings were like my siblings (I am an only child!) We used to play all day and then have campfires late into the night.

The idea for this collection of patterns started with a large sum of yarn I had won from Cascade yarns at a fundraiser for Autism research at my then LYS, The Village Knitter in Babylon, NY. I had one 8 skeins of Purple Hyacinth. I had immediately thought of my daughter and making something for her. When I heard the theme, I said I am going to make a sleeping bag by golly! And then the idea struck me to see what else it could be so with some small modifications it became a play tent and of course it could double as a throw.

So head over to Ravelry and check it out! Galloping Play Tent Campfire Afghan Glamping Sleeping Bag Also if you go on my Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/eastenddesignco/ I will post a sale code for 50% off these patterns until April 7th, 2017