Happy 2016 stitching friends! This year holds the hopes of much yarn goodness! To start the year off right, I decided to kick it off with a free pattern. That’s right a free pattern, one that will be available starting right now as free and will forever be free. It’s not just any pattern but it’s a pattern made with local yarn.

Local yarn, some of you squeed with delight (that’s me!) some of you may have sighed or moaned. Wherever you are on that spectrum of emotion or wherever you are in the world be encouraged that you too can enjoy this lovely pattern.

Local yarn but I am not local to Long Island or even NY. No worries! First off, the yarn is available at Catskill Merino’s website ( http://www.catskill-merino.com ). Secondly, it is designed that you can pick up your local gorgeous sport weight wool get gauge and make your local hat! (I can’t wait to see them all!)

So grab your local yarn, and maybe even some local needles by Indian Lake Artisans and start your Local Hat! Click on the document below.



IMG_5941A Local Hat for All

The hat’s story:

Every garment a designer designs has a story. This one is just fantastic. It was a cold autumn day at Rhinebeck 2015. I was walking up and down the rows of vendors searching for inspiration when my eyes opened wide with excitement. There it was CATSKILL MERINO! For those of you who don’t already know about the amazingness of their yarn you will have to try it for yourself. I saw these gorgeous skeins of dip dyed yarned that screamed to be played with. I spoke with the girls working and they had said “Everyone loves the skeins but everyone wants to see how they knit up!” We agreed that I would grab a skein and get started. And that I did. I walked over to a quiet patio by the souvenir tent and started to hand wind my skein. Which got a lot of attention in and of itself! I started to swatch to see what the perfect repeat would be and realized it repeated every 4 or so inches depending on the skein. I grabbed my ball of Catskill Merino and Indian Lake Artisan needles and started searching for a project bag. I came upon Andi Made This’s lovely project bags and I was on my way for a day of knitting and shopping and that was when this hat was born. Knit away my friends and please tell us your story!

Here is a screen shot of my original post to instagram that told the story of that day!