Tips for teaching a little one to crochet:

We are all so eager to share our stitching with others and we are so quick to teach but care must be taken when teaching our precious little ones our crafts for the first time.

Step One:

Make sure everyone is well fed, well rested and in the right frame of mind.

A hangry student and a grumpy teacher are a mix for disaster.

Step Two:

Enjoy the process.

This is not the time to share jargon like gauge, hook sizes, stitch counts and abbreviations but it is the time to teach the basics with love and grace. My friend Leoni and I were knitting together one night and I saw that she kept doing weird things with her yarn and needles every so often so I asked her.. Why? She emphatically told me that she was adding character to the blanket, she wanted all who used it to know that she had made it and thought of them throughout the process.

Step Three:

Make time to do it with them as often as possible.

Learning how to crochet is just like a sport (Don’t worry I’m not about to justify why it’s an endurance event! 🙂 ) it takes motor memory, the more you do it the more your body will know how to do it. Children learn through doing and repeating things over and over.

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